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September 16, 2021
Is COVID real? How would we know?

In this episode, I interview Dr Bill Smith, who is setting out on a voyage of truth. He is going to take on his local courts and hopefully set a precedent for others to duplicate in this battle against "Covid"

Help him out if you can at

SCOTUS rules we can be patented:

Other support links from Dr Smith:

Declining IgA antibodies in vaccinated:

Why is the decline in IgA antibodies alarming:

First Post-Mortem Study:

Vaccinated Are Shedding Virus:

Spike protein from the vaccine crosses the BBB:

Spike Protein From The Vaccine is Causing Lung Damage:

Spike protein causes heart damage:

Spike protein causes spleen damage:

Vaccine is causing blood clots:

The mRNA can be inserted into your genome:

They downloaded the vaccine from the internet:

NIH has the patent on the spike protein:

Sino Biological has 200+ variants that can be purchased:

Sinopeg uses graphene for their mRNA lipid particles:

Graphene was found in the vaccines:

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