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August 02, 2021
Jennifer Morrell and The Election Group...must read first

Original interview from August 28, 2020. She begins at the 17:00 mark give or take.

We saw her name pop up in a couple of stories over the weekend and today we learned that she appears at a BBQ on August 22, 2018 with several Colorado county clerks and SOS officials. It was reportedly hosted by Eric Coomer of Dominion.

Jessica Morrell is the founder of a 501c3 called The Election Group, which has now popped up in Georgia's elections (Carter Jones report), in Wisconsin elections (email to Woodall Vog about the last minute election spike to Elections Group representative), and her personally as Katie Hobbs observer for the AZ audit. Pair that with the Coomer BBQ and that's really coincidental I guess. Why is a 501c3 involved so intimately in our elections and election companies?

This isn't so much of a dig on The Elections Group....I'll get there. But I saw this podcast of her and watched it thinking "Oh the hypocrisy. She could be the prosecutor!!" Throughout this piece, I take a look at witness testimony, news articles, interviews, and more showing evidence to the concerns she raises.

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